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What’s Flashdent?

Flashdent is an innovative product of oral hygiene that does not need any water in order to be used like other products of dental cleanliness and protection.


  • Is disposable
  • Is not a pharmaceutical product
  • Doesn’t contain Alcohol, Triclosan and Fluoride.
  • It is approved by E.U. and notified to National Organization of Medicines
  • Specially designed to be used without the use of water

Where to be found

The product is accessible to the consumers by FlashVent that is vending machines located in public and private spaces such as:

  • Medical Channel (Pharmacies, Hospitals, Dentists’ office, Private Clinics, Diagnostic Centers)
  • Public Organizations
  • Department stores (Cosmetics Franchise Stores, Super Market, Mini Market)
  • Multiplex (Playgrounds, Gyms, Spa Centres)
  • Military Camps
  • Recreation centers (coffee shops, clubs, cinemas)
  • Restaurants, Catering Companies
  • Hotels
  • Public Transport Stations (Airports, Train stations, Bus Stations)
  • Gas stations

Special Sale Stores

Indicatively, we can report our most significant co-operations until today can be referred:

  • Hondos Center department stores
  • Coral net (Shell)
  • AΒ Vasilopoulos
  • Carrefour
  • Balaskas Delicatessen & Catering
  • Hospitals: (Metropolitan, Ygeia Hospital, Thriasio, Errikos Dynan)
  • Press Stores (PressPoint and Press Gallery)
  • IKEA
  • Ster Cinemas
  • MC Donald’s, Goody’s, FloCafe, AutoGrill, Palmier Bistro, etc.
  • Allou! Fun Park
  • Max Stores

Flashdent and Environment

  • Envriromental Protection is our priority
  • By using Flashdent, valuable water is not wasted
  • The toothpaste contains Eco-friendly ingredients
  • 2G AGENCY LTD collaborates with the Greek Association of Recycling Exploitation

Information and social behavior rules

  • Teeth’s brushing is included in the basic rules of oral hygiene and social behavior in general. However, in order to do it the right way further training is essential.
  • Fresh breath and white teeth are two of the benefits of this rule, which finally leads us to oral hygiene and preventive care of our teeth.
  • Research results in Greece indicate that there is poor information on the importance of oral hygiene on behalf of the parents to their children. Thus, children are ignorant and bored and do not pay attention to their oral health.
  • Flashdent is integrated in New, Safe and Innovative Products that give solution to the prevention of dental health .
  • According to recent research, 9 out of 10 consider an attractive smile to be a very important element of their appearance.
  • A healthy oral cavity protects us from serious diseases.
  • Rotten teeth and gum problems lead to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
  • The best preventive method is to brush frequently every day (after each meal).
  • If used to eating snacks outdoors, Flashdent disposable toothbrush with embodied toothpaste without the use of water, is the solution to your oral cavity’s cleanliness.

FlashVent Vending Machine

FlashVent is a vending machine, which allows easy and constant access to the product 24 hours a day.

Its basic features are:

  • It can contain up to 57 toothbrushes.
  • Autonomous electric function with batteries.
  • Easy to install and reload.
  • Available in 2 editions: white and black