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Flashdent is classified as a cosmetology product, of A class that allows the use of the product to children from the age of 3 and more.

Here are some useful pieces of information about dental hygiene and protection for all family members, as well as suggestions concerning each one’s behavior towards it, in order to have a positive effect on the proper education and maintenance of the rules of oral hygiene

The vast majority of modern parents are employed. How can they keep their oral hygiene during the day?

Flashdent is here to offer a solution! In fact, modern parents have a heavy schedule according to the demands of contemporary life. The philosophy of Flashdent (toothbrush with incorporated toothpaste that does not require the use of water) allows them not only to maintain their oral hygiene wherever they are but also to enjoy the freshness of a clean, fresh breath even when being at work!

Which measures of oral hygiene should a child follow? What does Flashdent has to suggest during childhood?

As soon as the first teams of teeth appear in the child’s mouth, we should start taking care of them. Up to the age of two that daily brushing begins, parents should use a small piece of wet gauze to remove food remainders from the child’s teeth.

During the next stage, important role plays the educational means used so as to make daily dental care not a boring task but a way of life.

The use of a relevant book for children that both parents and children go through may be useful. Listening to music while brushing or brushing with the parents are factors that may contribute to the smooth transition from ‘routine’ to way of life.

Daily habit will gradually become comprehension on how important it is to take care of our teeth and oral cavity in general, just as they learn how important it is to have a bath every day, taking care of our personal hygiene.

Flashdent, due to its special and easy-to-use design gives the sense of a toy and urges children to brush their teeth wherever they are without feeling it as an obligation to do so.

Finally, we should take into account the particularities of each personality and act accordingly.

Which are the rules a child should follow as far as oral hygiene is concerned and which is the role of Flashdent?

The toothbrush chosen for your children should be smaller than the one adults use. Make sure that each child has their own toothbrush. Children should not borrow or lent their toothbrushes or use their parents. This rule applies to other ages as well.

Apply a small quantity of toothpaste on the toothbrush that equals the size of a pea and help the child brush their teeth and rinse the quantity of mixed fluid in their mouth.

Using Flashdent makes all this easier as this toothbrush has the right shape. It is disposable which is important as it is new each time thus it helps protection from bacteria and microorganisms. Moreover, there should be no worry about the quantity of toothpaste since it is predetermined.

It is a smart product that prepares children to get used to oral hygiene rules and follow them during brushing both in the morning and in the evening, as it helps children use it the traditional way, that of toothbrush and toothpaste.

How should the correct dental care start?

Oral care should start as soon as the first tooth appears. Parents ought to handle their child’s teeth cleaning until the child reaches the age of 5 and acquires the appropriate skills whereas they should visit a dentist for children every six months to get the proper inspection, information and advice.

In which way should a child take care of their teeth?

Toothbrush and dental floss are necessary for oral hygiene. This is why even children from the age of five years old should be encouraged by their parents to use them on daily basis.

Keep in mind that parents always set a good example and this entails that if mum and dad brush their teeth regularly then children are bound to do so as well!

How often should an adult brush their teeth?

Just like children, adults should also follow their dentist’s advice and brush their teeth after every meal, especially after consuming coffee or sweets, apart from the regular morning and night brushing.

Flashdent is the best solution as it enables you to enjoy this luxury during the whole day as it is an innovative product in the right size.

Flashdent gives you the opportunity to have healthy and clean teeth any time during the day!

Oral hygiene is not just a pretty smile. The condition of oral cavity mirrors our health in general. Neglecting it can cause serious health problems.

How important is oral health?

Oral hygiene influences our overall physical health since it is reported that neglecting it can cause various health problems, simple and more complicated.

Prevention, which includes dental floss use, should become a way of life and a daily routine for everyone. Flashdent contributes to following the rules of oral hygiene during the day, since eating habits - such as consuming sweets, refreshments containing sugar, and coffee – destroy teeth when being out.

Flashdent helps us maintain good oral hygiene and not only. Supporting the idea of natural ingredients in products, it does contain such.

Flashdent should be used at least once a day, in combination with natural methods of teeth whitening such as the following:

  • Strawberries are considered to be a natural whitening product for teeth! When rubbing your teeth with strawberries, stains are reduced!
  • Rub the inside surface of your teeth with an orange peel. Don’t forget to rinse.
  • Daily consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables helps teeth smoothening while removing food remainders of them.
  • Cooking soda is a traditional and widely spread way to remove stains as it also has powerful antibacterial qualities.

How do I brush my teeth correctly?

The right way to brush our teeth is a necessity for maintaining our oral hygiene. Ideally, we should brush after every meal or consumption of sweetening substances.

Quick brushing around 30 seconds DOES NOT clean our teeth, it just gives a sense of freshness.

It is necessary to brush our teeth consciously and not as a chore we are obligated to do.

Try to feel your hand movements and the way the toothbrush leans on the teeth and moves on them, put the toothbrush horizontally on the teeth leaning it towards the gums.

  • Start making tiny circular moves, trying to feel every tooth you are cleaning. It is important to feel that the toothbrush bristles slightly get into gingival cleft (the space between the gum and the tooth).
  • Use small but sharp moves insisting on each tooth.
  • After brushing the internal surface of upper and lower teeth, do the same with the tongue surface.
  • Be more careful with the side that touches your front upper and lower teeth.
  • Your movements should not only be horizontal but also vertical. The time you need for a good brushing is 3-4 minutes, but not less.
  • Additional use of Flashdent in everyday life helps protecting our teeth and contributes to our oral hygiene.

    Dentists say

    • " As an expert, I recommend Flashdent, toothbrush in cases that patients are not allowed to rinse (e.g. after tooth extractions) or even to children and adults who are subjected to orthodontic treatment as it is very easy to carry Flashdent with you and use it after each meal." Generally, it is the most indicated and easiest way to have a clean smile and fresh breath any time of the day, wherever you are.
    • " Very good, useful, it gives a different tone to my clinic! "
    • " Practical, functional, it is a smart product!
    • " Notably popular not only to adults, but also to children! "

What can I do to keep my teeth and gums healthy?

As in all diseases, oral disease prevention is preferable to treatment. We can keep our teeth healthy throughout life as long as we take care of them properly.

In fact, most people brush their teeth due to social reasons. They want a fresh breath and white teeth. Even based on such motives like these, we are towards the proper direction to handle our dental care and oral hygiene.

We should be trained early, comprehend the importance of prevention but in an indicated way. We can prevent dental and periodontal decay, if preventive measures are applied.

Is breakfast necessary to keep our mouth cavity healthy?

Research has shown that if our milk teeth are decayed, it is more possible that our permanent teeth, which appear at the age of six, will be affected as well. Moreover, if one of our milk teeth gets lost prematurely, it may lead to orthodontic irregularities.

Regularity of dental decay is, unfortunately, increased during childhood. Recent research published on American Dental Federation chronicle reaches the conclusion that having breakfast and consuming fruit and vegetables has an equally beneficial effect on oral hygiene as brushing.

According to the team of dentists responsible for the above research, it was observed that the rate of tooth decay in children who did not have breakfast was higher. One of the reasons that could explain these findings, may be the fact these children were more likely to consume snacks at school or outdoor activities, which is particularly harmful to their teeth. The results concern a sample of 4000 children.

How important is prevention?

According to the findings of a large-scaled epidemiological study conducted by the Greek Dental Federation, Greeks do not brush their teeth as often as they should whereas they visit a dentist only when being in pain.

According to nationwide survey conducted by Greek Dental Federation, 75% of children in Greece do not brush their teeth daily.

Moreover, 75% of children at the age of 15 have more than three teeth destroyed due to tooth decay.

Besides, 8 out of 10 teenagers do not use dental floss and 1 out of 3 does not see a dentist regularly.

Frequent and proper brushing can protect teenagers from many troubles but also their parents from paying high expenses.

Flashdent and its innovation not requiring the use of water wherever we are, can become the ideal solution at all ages.