Company with claims and responsibility.

Flashdent is a product of research and worldwide innovation which is produced in Greece by 2G AGENCY LTD, a purely Greek group of industrial and trading character mostly activated on production and promotion of everyday use products. Its industrial activity is concerned with the manufacture of the product which carries the brand Flashdent , that is to say of the toothbrush with incorporated toothpaste that requires no water use.

Certified by the system of quality management EN ISO 9001:2008 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), notified to N.O.M. (National Organization of Medicines), Flashdent secures and guarantees excellent quality and effectiveness with the use of this product by adults and children over 3 years old.

With this incomparable innovation Flashdent seeks and achieves to be internationally acknowledged as product number one on taking care of oral hygiene after every meal.

Quality guarantee policy

2G AGENCY LTD policy on quality, hygiene and safety of its products, is the continuous effort for improvement in order to be reliable as company and to fulfill our consumers’ demands.

Convinced about the need for incessant amelioration of the level of quality, hygiene and safety, 2G AGENCY LTD has applied a system of quality management to its establishments that agrees with EN ISO 9001:2008 and GMP standards.

Continuous information, supervision and adjustment according to national and European legislation, guided by qualified authorities.

Satisfaction consumers’ demands as far as quality and safety of the products 2G AGENCY LTD, produces is concerned, confronting through substantiated proceduresand any disagreement or objection promptly and reliably.

We constantly train our company staff, on issues regarding effective function of management system and on quality, hygiene and safety.

Maintenance, modernization and automation of Unit equipment regularly, such as to follow and constantly improve the hygiene rules.