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1. Keeping a register of personal data.

While you are in the web pages of 2G AGENCY LTD and while using its services, you may be requested to give personal information (name, e-mail address, etc.) so as to activate certain services (newsletters, Web2SMS, etc.) but also to enable us to contact you, something which you have already agreed to, and to inform you about our new products and services.

We clarify that 2G AGENCY LTD does not publicly expose an accessible database with the e-mail addresses of its subscribers. As a result, certain personal data (e.g. passwords, etc.) required for some pages and services of the company’s website, ensure only the proper function of our services and it cannot be used by a third party without the application of 2472/97 and 3471/06, laws that regard the consumers’ protection from personal data processing. 2G AGENCY LTD abides by the present legislation and aims at a correct use of the Internet. Your personal data will be kept with safety for as long as you are registered in any service of 2G AGENCY LTD and are erased after the end of your relation with the company. As regards individuals who are not registered but have participated in an on-line activity (e.g. a competition), their data is kept for as long as it is necessary to complete the specific activity.

The personal data you give to 2G AGENCY LTD is used by this company exclusively to support, promote and complete your transaction with it or for statistical reasons. Data can be given to companies that interfere so as to promote, support and complete the transaction and only to offer web communication services or for services of additional value the user may have asked for but always in accordance with the articles 4 and 5, paragraph 5, extract b of the 3471/06 law. Information from the database may also be given to judicial, police and other authorities at their legal request and always in accordance with the present legislation. According to the legislation about classified information in the media, users have the right to be informed and object as the laws 2472/1997 and 3471/06 about personal data make provision for.

2. Use of cookies

While you are using the 2G AGENCY LTD site, the pages you browse along with the cookies may be downloaded to your computer. Cookies are text files through which the server of 2G AGENCY LTD recognizes your computer.

Cookies are saved in your computer only to facilitate and achieve communication through electronic communication network or only when this is necessary for a service you have asked for. Cookies register only the areas the specific computer has visited and the duration.

Each user can always adjust their computer to accept cookies, to be notified when a cookie is issued or to reject the installation of cookies. In case you haven’t adjusted your computer to reject cookies you can surf in the site of 2G AGENCY LTD anonymously until you decide to register in any of our services.

3. Offering information

At times we will offer you information for other services and products by 2G AGENCY LTD, which you can use as long as you register. We also offer you the opportunity to participate in research that 2G AGENCY LTD or companies it co-operates with conduct. This research regards the effectiveness and the popularity of the services offered.

4. Users below the age of 18

For users below 18 parents’ approval is required before personal data are given to website of 2G AGENCY LTD Company

In case of misuse or other illegal use of the web page and its contents (such as copy or alteration the company’s trademark, its photos, contents or information) Greek court of law in Athens will enforce penalties.